COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs for 18-45 year olds:

Q: From when am I eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination?
A: From May 1st

Q: From when do registrations open for COVID-19 Vaccination?
A: From April 28th, after 4 pm.

Q: Where can I get the Vaccine from?
A: You can get the vaccine from Private Vaccination Centres only

Q: How to register for Vaccination?
A: Registration is only via CoWIN Website ( Setu App only. No other app/website/walk-in/spot registration would be allowed.
Register using mobile number and Aadhaar number. Follow the simple steps as guided by the website, register, and choose your Vaccination Centre via Pincode/District. You would get an SMS Confirmation. Keep it safe.

Q: Can I reschedule my Vaccination Appointment?
A: Yes. You can reschedule till the previous day.

Q: What are the vaccines that would be made available?
A: At present, COVISHIELD (Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine) and COVAXIN (Bharat Biotech) would be available. In due course, SPUTNIK-V Vaccine and other vaccines are expected to be made available.

Q: How much should I pay for the vaccine dose?
A: The price would be decided by the State Govt/Private Vaccine Provider.

Q: I am a young person. Is COVISHIELD safe?
A: Yes, it is entirely safe. Millions of persons have received COVISHIELD worldwide, with extremely extremely rare side effects. And, even in the unlikeliest scenario of a serious adverse event, there are established management protocols. There is nothing to fear.

Q: I am a pregnant woman. Can I receive the Vaccine?
A: Studies are ongoing to prove the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women. Currently, avoid taking the vaccine. But if you accidentally receive the vaccine while pregnant, there is nothing to worry, and the pregnancy would be entirely safe.

Q: I am on my periods. Can I receive the vaccine?
A: Yes, you can. Kindly do not believe the hoaxes and rumours regarding the same.

Q: Which of the vaccines is better for me – COVISHIELD or COVAXIN?
A: Both are equally efficacious in preventing mild, moderate and severe COVID. Choose whatever is available to you, at the Vaccination Centre.

Q: I am young. I believe I have good immunity. Do I need to still take the Vaccine?
A: Yes. No one is safe from COVID-19, not even the fittest and healthiest of individuals. Better safe, than sorry.

Q: I am hearing reports of people testing COVID-19 Positive even after receiving first dose of Vaccine. Is it even useful?
A: Most such reports are of healthcare professionals, who, by nature of their work, are always at high risk to contract the infection. First of all, the rate of infection after vaccination is much lower than the unvaccinated. And, even if such an infection occurs, by virtue of the vaccination, the body has a good titre of antibodies to limit the infection to a mild stage, thereby reducing the chance of progressing to severe COVID. Therefore, vaccines are useful, life-saving and effective!

Q: What are the common side effects I can expect after Vaccination?
A: Fever, headaches, bodyaches, fatigue, injection site pain are the common side effects, and they are manageable by a short course of Paracetamol. Most resolve by 2-3 days. You are observed for 30 minutes after receiving the dose, for any serious or severe effects, and even though they are rare to occur, there is definite treatment for each such serious effect.

Q: I recently tested COVID-19 Positive. Should I still take the vaccine?
A: Yes. You should receive the vaccine three months after testing COVID-19 Positive. Recent studies show that Reinfection rates I. COVID-19 Positive patients can be 1 in 5, and therefore Vaccination is the only sure shot path to develop long lasting immunity.

Q: I received the First Dose of the Vaccine and then tested COVID-19 Positive in between the two doses? Can I take the second dose?
A: You can receive the second dose three months after testing positive.

For more details, refer to

Everyone eligible register today for the vaccine asap. Plz don’t delay . Plz help all your servants, security, maids and friends also to register. It is important for our safety and the community.

Vaccines save lives! Vaccines defeat COVID-19!
Together we can!

Each one, Vaccinate one!

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