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Why are we called ‘Engineers’?

Is it from ‘Engine’?. But steam engine was made only in the 19th century whereas engineering as a profession came in to existence centuries before. The word ‘Engineer’ has nothing to do with the word engine. Engineer did not originate in engine. The word engineer originated from ‘ingenium’ which is a Latin word meaning ingenius […]

5 Lesser-Known Metrics to Track in Google Analytics?

Do you know the 5 Lesser-Known Metrics to Track in Google Analytics? Data has been called “the new gold” by many digital marketing experts. Why? Because the right data is often the difference between thriving businesses and struggling ventures. Luckily, when it comes to your website, it’s never been easier to access the information you […]

This Teacher’s Day don’t just wish your teacher !!

#TeachersDay Are the days gone when teachers walked into the school/classroom and were respected by parents and children? Today, instead of giving respect to teachers, some of us give wounds with lethal words and obviously no teacher would stand for this. Parents and guardians should always remember that teachers play a very important role in […]

कृष्ण कौन हैं?

पहली गाली पर सर काटने की शक्ति होने बाद भी यदि 99 और गाली सुनने का ‘सामर्थ्य’ है, तो वो कृष्ण हैं। ‘सुदर्शन’ जैसा शस्त्र होने के बाद भी यदि हाथ में हमेशा ‘मुरली’ है, तो वो कृष्ण हैं। ‘द्वारिका’ का वैभव होने के बाद भी यदि ‘सुदामा’ मित्र है, तो वो कृष्ण हैं। ‘मृत्यु’ […]

India has launched Agnipath Scheme for Indian Youth

It is a national service scheme, The Agniveers (the selected youth) will be trained in the best institutions and enhance their skills & qualifications, to not only serve the country but also contribute to Nation Building. Let’s Understand AGNIPATH options (A message sent to youth from a career consultant) People who Don’t join it. spend […]

आश्चर्यजनक टाइम लाइंज़ ? In Nupur Sharma Issue

टाईमलाईन पर गौर फ़रमाइए: 25 मई 2022: आतंकी यासीन मलिक को उम्रक़ैद।  28 मई 2022: 57 मुस्लिम देश इसके लिए भारत की निंदा करते हैं। जिसका मोदी सरकार मुंहतोड़ जवाब देती है। 3 जून 2022: कानपुर में नमाज के बाद प्रधानमंत्री और राष्ट्रपति की मौजूदगी में दंगा होता है। 5 जून 2022: आतंकी संगठनों […]

Why is Nandi in front of Shiva Lingam ?

According to methodological stories, when the positive forces, Devas, and the negative forces, the Asuras, joined together on a rare occasion to churn the ocean with a mountain to obtain the nectar of immortality they utilized Vasuki, the serpent, as the rope. Devas pulled from one end and the Asuras from the other. Lots of […]

“शगुन का लिफाफा”

On an auspicious occasion like a birthday, engagement or marriage, sometimes we prefer giving a “शगुन का लिफाफा” instead of a gift item. But the money we put in the envelope is never like Rs. 100, 500 or 1000; but it is always Rs. 101, 501 or 1001. Have you ever thought why we add […]


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