The disqualified MP takes three Modi names who he asserts are thieves.

Kapil Sibal before the disqualification notification. Must watch

Two among them are fugitive offenders and one is Prime Minister of India.

Further, the disqualified MP goes on and adds ‘If you search, many more Modis can be found who are thieves (chor)’

Thus he brands the entire Modi community as thieves (chor) because there are two offenders in that community.

His rationale thus is if there are two offenders (chor) entire community is to be branded as chor.

This is a dangerous logic for an MP who is trying to become PM.

Such a dangerous rationale, belief and thinking reminds me of the most abominable, most heinous, most inhuman Act the colonizing British ever enacted and implemented in India which is the Criminal Tribes Act 1871 which was repealed only after Indepence and even now it’s inhuman after effects remain on what are now ‘Denotified Tribes’

In 1871, the British government in India passed this Criminal Tribes Act.

This Act classified several entire communities of mobile craftsmen, traders, and pastoralists as criminal tribes.

In addition, the nomadic people were stated to be criminal by nature and birth.

According to this law, these communities were expected to live only in the notified village settlements.

Therefore isn’t it utterly dangerous for citizens, who are just revovering from the ugly and damging after effects of Criminal Tribes Act 1871 that any MP, leave alone the one wanting to be PM, nourish thoughts of branding an entire community as chor because there are two, mind you just two, are abscond fugitives?

Let me remind that repeal of the horrndous Act was set into motion and the final repeal of the Act in August 1949, resulted in 2,300,000 tribals being decriminalised and After independence, the Act was ultimately repealed

So, lakhs of tribals had been condemned as criminals for almost a century just because they were born in the notified communities.

Please read slowly my post, introspect and decide for yourself whether an MP should ever have such abominable thoughts in his mind.

I leave it all to you to decide as an informed citizen…

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