So let’s us talk about some FACTS :

● National Avg Literacy Rate 65%, Jains Avg Literacy Rate 94%.
● Female National Avg Literacy Rate 54%, Jains Female Avg Literacy Rate 91%.
● 50% of the Total CAs are Jains.
● According to Forbes, Jains are the Wealthiest People of India & Belgium.
● Jains are 0.3% of the Indian Population but pay 24% of Income Tax. [In 2009 Jains have paid even 42% of Income Tax]
● Jains Contribute 25% towards National Development.

● 65% of Diamond & Gold business in the World are done by Jains.
● 62% Charity is done by Jains.
● 46% Stock brokers are Jains.
● 33% of the Airline Industry is controlled by Jains.
● 20% of the Pharmaceuticals & Textiles are controlled by Jains.
● Jains have the Highest Life Expectancy of 71 age.
● Out of 16,000 Gaushalas 9,600 are run by Jains.
● Alber Einstein once said that I don’t know Whether there is reincarnation or not but if it happens then I want to be a Jain.
● According to Annual Summit of World Environment Committee, Germany in 2010 “If We have to Save the Earth from Global Warming We have to Follow Jain’s Lifestyle & Principles.”

● Never plays any Minority Card like others.
● Jains are not taught how to do business, it is in our genes. [You don’t teach the child of a Lion how to hunt and in the same way Child of a Jain is also not taught how to do a Business].
● Jains are not Job Seekers, we are Job Givers.
● Lawyers, Doctors live on the sadness of others whereas CAs live on the Growth or Happiness of others. [That’s how we choose business].
● Don’t love dogs and then kill mosquitoes.

● Others are doing this Vegan- Dietician- Mind Control – Wearing Masks. Jains have been doing these for Centuries.
● We believe in Live & Let Live. [Mukesh Ambami Says Jio we say Jio & Jene do]
● We don’t believe in ‘I’. We believe in ‘US’.
● Biggest Fights happen because of You are wrong and I’m Right. Jains say you are Right & I’m also Right. (Mutual Respect).

So Why are Jains so Rich & Great ???

Reasons –

● Jains are Dynamites Not Parasites
● Succession Planning
● Supreme Wisdom (Kaivalya Gyan)
● Vow OF “AHIMSA Vrat” (No Himsa whether Mentally, Orally or Physically.)
● Life Kindness (Jiv Daya)

● Conscious Capitalism (Don’t do – Parties, Politics, Enjoyment, Clubbing, Acting)
(We do Prayer, Meditation, Spirituality, Forgiveness).
● Community is Family.
● Very High on Integrity
● Anekantavada (Mutual Respect)
● Chaturvidha Dana (4-fold charity of Food, Medicine, Protection, Knowledge).

This is “JAINS”.