India has launched Agnipath Scheme for Indian Youth

It is a national service scheme, The Agniveers (the selected youth) will be trained in the best institutions and enhance their skills & qualifications, to not only serve the country but also contribute to Nation Building.

Let’s Understand AGNIPATH options (A message sent to youth from a career consultant)

  1. People who Don’t join it. spend time doing their 10th and 12th at your cost, then find a 3rd grade college and do a useless graduation and rest of life spend in finding job.
  2. Join Agnipath, leave after 4 years with INR 23.5 lacs (average) in hand & Start a business
  3. Join Agnipath, pursue graduation at cost of Armed forces. Leave after 4 years with 23.5 lacs in hand
  4. Join Agnipath, do graduation, leave after 4 years to join other uniformed forces for rest of life
  5. Join Agnipath, Do graduation while in job, apply for CDS in 4th year and become a commissioned officer in Armed Forces for rest of life
  6. Join Agnipath, complete 4 years, work hard and get into 20% cream and serve nation for next 17 years
  7. Don’t join Agnipath and spend the life protesting on Road or open a YouTube channel & provoke people against Agnipath..and try to become celebrity.

Its all about choice, govt is not going to pick you from home and force you, Its your wish if you want to shape a dignified career or spend time wasting in gossip or finding a decent job.

Its your life, your wish

agnipath #agniveers #nationalservice #india

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