Craft Your Personal Brand Intentionally, not accidentally!

Everybody knows that you need to work hard in your current job if you want to be considered for new opportunities, whether inside or outside of your company. But, have you even wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? They always happen to be at just the right place at just the right time when opportunity knocks. Sure, they work hard and do a good job. So do lots of people — including you! So what sets them apart from the rest, you ask? Answer is personally branding

1. Be Genuine

2. Tell a story

3. Be consistent

4. Be ready to fall/fail

5. Create a positive impact

6. Follow a successful example

7. Live your brand

8. Let the other people tell your story

9. Have a focus

10. Leave a legacy

All of us at Panacea are either building your company or your company’s brand. Our media initiatives include massive media projects like #KumbhMela, major Indian elections, running a news portal and it also includes handing personal image building of top notch people in respective sectors. Reach me at to attend a free webinar.

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