Inspiring Story of Gita Gopinath

She went from being a 45 percent scorer in school to being the Chief Economist at International Monetary Fund. A middle-class upbringing and a love for sports, the journey of Gita Gopinath is 🙏

A Gold medalist in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College For Women and Delhi School of Economics, Gita went on to become a tenured professor at Harvard University.

Just like a regular student, she intended to do an #MBA and also try a hand at #UPSC CSE before making a career in #Economics.

She initially got into the University of Washington for a 5 year Ph.D. program but such was her credibility that her mentor wrote her letters of recommendation to move to a top school.

She completed her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2001 and joined the University of Chicago as an Assistant Professor and then to #Harvard.

She worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, National Bureau of Economic Research and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a part of her assignments before she went on to work for the #IMF.

Her story only makes one point right – If only we put in our heart to what we do, we can achieve anything along with the support of one’s family which in her case has been that of her parents and her husband and son.

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