Truth About WhatsApp University

After a Morning walk, a Group of Doctors were standing at a road-side Restaurant enjoying a Cup of Tea..They saw a Man limping towards them..

One Doctor said, “he has Arthritis in his Left Knee..”

The second said, “he has Plantar Faciitis..”

The third said, “just an Ankle Sprain..”

The fourth said, “see that Man cannot lift his Knee, he looks to have Lower Motor Neuron disease..”

“But to me he seems a Hemiplegia Scissors Gait,” said the fifth

Before the sixth could proclaim his Diagnosis, the Man reached the Group and asked,

“Is there a Cobbler nearby who can repair my Slipper.?”

This is exactly how the Experts talk in Social Media & Television on ALL THE ISSUES these days..

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