Work with your head in, not with voice out!!

In a random horse race, horse is praised if it’s the one who left the others behind but curse is the gift for jockey if the horse doesn’t make to victory. This situation is symbolic and represents the average psychological build up of each one of us. We tend to call a winner as lucky and a loser as lazy. Is success really a matter of luck ? the answer is a huge NO.Had it been sheer luck behind success then none of us would have toiled day in day out, rather all of must would have found ourselves gambling in random poker houses. So once you are successful no matter how, people will call you “lucky”. But, what really makes you lucky in that case is abridged in these 12 points :

1. Work with your head in, not with voice out : Do not sing songs of your success tweeting all around or writing on walls. Nobody takes that for your praise, rather the more you sing the more you will be tagged as “lucky”. Put your mind , body and soul in your work. work in direction of your goals. Success will sing songs for you and that too in the best tunes ever sung.

2. Build an ecosystem of positivity : Weed the negative elements out. Most people around will frequently term your efforts as – “baseless” , “to quick” , “won’t last long” , “impractical”, “No one practices that” etc. Do ignore these people. Surround yourself with people who infuse positive energy in you by the way of providing solutions and motivating you. Add people who value your efforts however weird they may sound or look.

3. Develop a positive inner-self : Let not worry seep inside you. Wake up early, go on a walk, work out, run a couple of miles, meditate, have a cup of coffee, listen energizing music and read good books. Build a filter for yourself, check that whatever goes inside your mind is absolutely positive. Search solutions within yourself. Trust yourself. Make yourself learn that every problem is meant to be solved. There is a positive turn around to every situation.

4. Do not Over-think : The best solution delivered by the mind is the first solution that it gives. We browse among so many outfits but most of the times we buy the one we chose first. When left free our mind delivers the best thoughts by default. Thinking too much tends to development of undue permutations of choices and ends up with psychological fatigue which means choosing a thought randomly and not logically.

5. Bull’s eye approach : We have one life. If we try doing everything we will end up having nothing. But if we have a crystal clear goal and we move in achieving that in a better and better way each day we will surely taste success. Set a goal, and move towards it. On the way, however juicy other goals are, do ignore.

6. Accept Imperfections: Always remember perfection is an illusion. The only truth is pursuit for perfection. As long as we pursue for perfections we are on the right direction. Life offers imperfections and we must accept and appreciate them and we must utilize them as opportunities.

7. No Gossips : Once you enter into a useless never ending discussion it opens gates to useless thoughts and loads of negativity which eventually gets u stuck in middle of nowhere. One may loose the grip of determination and end up dwindling from our predestined goal. Enter into positive social forums which help u sync your goals with the discussion going on.

8. Be Empathetic : Empathy is the best solution to any situation rather than a fixed course of theoretical methodologies. Let your feelings and consciousness take a lead, leave your thoughts for a free flow, try unlearning the set methods, let your heart take it as a fresh situation and offer a way out. It makes one happier and healthier.

9. Means are means, end matters : The journey, way, route, plan they all are termed as right after the goal is reached. So focus on the goal, plan A , B, C, Z doesn’t matter. When you win your strategy whatever it was, however silly it sounded when you walked, it would be labeled as “THE WAY”. So do not praise a plan till you reach the goal and do not leave the goal till you hit it.

10. Keep moving : At any point when failure strikes, its the easiest choice to pull back. But luckily that’s not a solution rather that is escapism. Victory is for those who attempt and attempt despite endless momentary failures and hitches. Try and try again. Do not loose momentum. Every failure makes us aware of what not to do.

11. Be easily approachable: Airs of ego fetches nothing but hatred and negative energy. Be approachable for everyone around. Carry a persona that anyone feels “wow” sharing anything with you. Listen with a smile and offer a solution as is you are facing the same situation. People should love talking to you and you must collect positivity from anywhere you have an opportunity to.

12. You can control only today: Repenting for yesterday and worrying for tomorrow is a waste of time and energy. In doing so you loose a lot of time that would have been spent on working today on your goals. The moment in hand is the present moment shape it the way you want. Remember we have one life, one planet, one family, one gang of good friends and one soul to nourish. Live life to its fullest in every moment that passes by. Keep your eye on the goal that you have chosen and Walk the Talk.

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