With an Iconic team we are ‘Brand ICON’ for CLAT

It’s been 12 years which are filled with each day of new experiences and learning. It was never so easy to believe that each day we will move ahead. It was never too difficult to actually make a move for any idea that was in our minds with a team that was always ready and charged to make the ideas into a reality.There are numerous milestones in the Panacea People’s journey which are worth sharing and even worth studying as managerial case studies. Adding verticals and getting the right people along the journey has been the best part of it. 

Few weeks back I received a letter from the very esteemed Times Group. The letter stated about my nomination for the Brand Icon award for creating a value proposition and providing best in industry education services for preparing for various competitive exams. It was a matter of joy and as soon as I shared the news of nomination the team was pretty sure of getting the said award. 

Panacea People has created a lot of successful business models in the last decade since its inception. Each vertical and division we added operated with enthusiasm of a teenager, energy and operational stability of a youth and vision of a well matured. The team never settled for anything less than envisioned and our clients never got anything less than promised. We have a practice of keeping our front office walls filled with feedbacks and honestly we never filtered them. We’ve put them all and I am a fortunate service provider with none of them being negative. 

The initial batches of students we had taught became successful in their careers and the recent ones find it easy to sail with the kind of training they’d got at our institutions. When the day came and I was awarded with the Brand Icon award. It was as if each one of my students thanked in a unison to my team for creating the best out of them. It was as if the team that has always been on my side got rewarded for the efforts and energy they’ve always committed to put in. It was as if the negativity I had ever encountered from my own conscious and from others has suddenly vanished and had been completely replaced by positivity. 

Becoming Brand Icon is not only being the best team that strives for the best in industry service delivery but also about being the proud part of a team that has always been a family. The award is for my family who has always stood by my side and led me to the right path when negativity tend to deviate it. The award is for my clients who appreciated the efforts and gave healthy feedbacks and suggestions and for the team who took every feedback with the right spirit and made us stronger day on day. 

My sincere thanks to the Times Group, my clients, my team and my family. The reward has made me even stronger in the belief and commitment to keep serving with the best of my efforts.

A big thanks !!!

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