See through the window, but focus on the road!

So many years of togetherness, knowing the details of every nook and corner, knowing names and being known by the name, life at school is a synonym to awesomeness. The 15 years of school education system is beyond emotions. The system very effectively attempts to influx the in-depth knowledge of almost all the subjects and areas of knowledge. The system of minimum eligibility of the teachers ensures that the mentors are the best and set high benchmarks.

In the contemporary times of marketing orientation and global competitive forces stepping in, the system further requires to introduce an upgraded version that ensures employability and the qualities that ensure corporate agility in the future workforce. The windows of the school life may be admirable but inn long run the students must learn to focus on the road beyond the window.

A simple example is: most of the students are unable to decide what to opt after passing 10th standard what stream to choose. By default the “monitor” or the “topper” becomes opinion leader and the rest follow. The situation turns critical when a student is about to pass out 12th standard. In 11th and 12th standards most of the students find them struggling with the percentages and home works; once again the window. Comes the month of April and a sudden blow hits the students. But what will save them from this blow what will enable them to concentrate on the road.

In my career of more than a decade in the leading preparatory organization, interaction with so many students and the leading mentors I have felt that few points can be taken care of by the students in the last three months of their schooling that ensures the wellness of the journey on the road:

  1. Match your skills, interest and knowledge with your dreams only that will lead you to the right way.
  2. Stays connected with your favorite school teacher and keep sharing your queries and confessions as the come across.
  3. Do not entertain the negative thoughts which are against your choice of career, remember every road becomes memorable by the traveller’s attitude towards the journey.
  4. Choose your career well in time and do join a preparatory institution to ensure you get the best in the competition.
  5. Do not worry much about the percentages or grades in school, but do worry about your career ahead and work very hard and smartly for success.
  6. Keep reading in the newspapers and on the internet the latest updates in your chosen career field.
  7. Before taking any competitive paper do take full length test in the same pattern as the real paper in the same timelines as in the real paper.
  8. Do not get confused with any myths and rumors, if you want to research about anything that involves data from authentic sources viz. authorized websites or government statistical data.
  9. Believe in the fact that the career in chosen by you and you are the best and will surely drive yourself to success.
  10. Prepare yourself well for the objective type paper and the negative marking pattern; these types of patterns are not a part of school curriculum hence one needs to get in tune to the same.
  11. Take care of your health and fitness.
  12. Stay calm and enjoy the life to the fullest.

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