Career Options that students can consider in 2021

Trending career options of 2021, that can provide you with lucrative packages.

If we talk about career options then no doubt, it is the most crucial decision for any young graduate. So let’s discuss some of the best options that students can consider in 2021.

â—Ź Data analyst
The skill or science of collecting and organising the data is in great demand these days. According to an estimate in 2020, around 1.7 MB data is generated by an individual per second. It is a big number and different organisations of national and international level hire data analysts to understand user behaviour and buying patterns to plan their future strategies.

â—Ź Cloud Engineer
Cloud engineering is in high demand these days. It facilitates remote working with the help of distributed systems and SaaS-based collaborative apps to make sure smooth excess of information. Latest IDC report shows that more than 70% of new enterprises would be developed on the cloud. So in upcoming years cloud engineering can offer a great carrier.

â—Ź Artificial Intelligence specialist
Almost all the top companies in the world are using this technology. AI algorithms have become one of the most prominent assistants of our day to day life. Be it Google’s voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, all are AI-based algorithms. Organisations are showing great interest in hiring Artificial Intelligence specialists and offering them lucrative salaries as well.

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