National Press Day

National Press Day is observed on November 16 every year in India. This day is dedicated to acknowledge and honour the Press Council of India, a statutory and quasi-judicial establishment that is responsible for keeping an eye on the quality of reportage provided by the Indian Press community. It is symbolic of freedom of press in the country and acts as a “moral” watchdog to ensure that journalistic objectivity is not compromised or harmed by external factors.

The First Press Commission 1956 envisioned a committee to protect the ethics of journalism and freedom of Press in India. The Commission led to the forming of a ‘Press Council’ nearly 10 years later, which started monitoring media groups from November 16, 1966.

The Press Council of India started functioning on November 16, 1966. Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad is the Chairman of the Press Council of India. He has been appointed for a second term.

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