Digital learning- A new way to bring the light of literacy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all our horizons are connected more than ever, learning can’t stay untouched from it thanks to the internet and technological progression.

When I see that a 10-12 year old kid has complete knowledge of google meet and Zoom, I can’t stop myself from thinking about E-learning.  The teaching, skill assessment, and even vocational training have taken to online platforms, and the era of digital learning is upon us.

Digital Learning

Digital Learning can not be narrowed to providing video lectures through laptops or computers, but it’s much more. Digital Learning shatters the limitations of time, place, path, and pace with a combination of technology, digital content, and instructions. This learning experience provides the learner with control over time, place, and speed at which they want to attain the course. Digital Learning is fundamentally a learning technique embodied with technology and instructional practice to provide a broad spectrum of facilities under one application or platform.

It is a groundbreaking experience for a student that lets them attain vocational, verbal, digital, adaptive, analytical, and AI learning experiences. Digital learning is not limited to these techniques and has a lot more to offer. And in near future, we will witness several new developments in this sector.

Role of technology in digital learning

As far as Digital Learning is concerned, the technology is not merely a medium but the instruction to deliver the experience. For example, it provides and manages the mechanism to deliver the content. From the internet connection to hardware for accessing the matter, technology is what makes students connect to learning and the ability to learn. Technology has vast aspects to enhance learning experiences, such as simplistic methods from pdf, video lectures, audio class to PowerPoint presentation, adaptive software, interactive learning, animation, games, etc.

Can we make it effective?

Yes! It is just the beginning. We need an approach that includes digital literacy for learners and educators, better technology, adaptive resources, quality content and effective management of all these under a single system like- Career Campus Education can make E-learning experience wholesome and practical.

As we are discussing the future of education we can’t ignore the contribution of the government at all. I think the NEP-2020 will bring a positive change in the education system of India. Along with central the role of state government is also recommendable. I am from Praygraj and when I see the digital learning initiatives of the UP government, I feel proud of our system.

Some of the improvements that will enhance the quality of digital learning may include an effective approach, courses empowered with videos and live sessions, engaging sensory study, Go-to resources, improving digital efficiency, better communication, use of virtual reality and AI, flexible study programs, a team of skilled and experienced educators, sufficient funds, a result-oriented assessment, and others, so your digital learning experience becomes marvellous.

What’s your take on E-learning? Please share in the comments section!

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