Farm Bill 2020

Farm bill 2020 is most important agri reform ever taken. This allows farmers to sale their produce directly at their door steps. It basically removes middle men from the system. Opposition politicians are organising this protest to save middle men. How shameless they can become. Can’t they at least once raise their moral and support what is good for the country. The actual protesters are not majority of small and medium sized farmers, these protest are instigated by cartel of middlemen, commission agents and mandi owner’s with the help of politicians.

The existing system favour large and medium farmers and commission agents, besides corrupt state government officials. The new bill will help a very large number of small and medium farmers and will also boost land productivity. How selfish these people who are protesting?. Firstly we should think how we had kept such a insane law for so many years. And when one is seriously trying to reform this, then they are showing crocodile tears for poor farmers. Farmers are poor because system want them to be stay poor. Farmers are nothing but treated as vote bank by politicians. We speak a lot about farmers suicide. If we have working model like the one in vogue, then farmers are bound to be looted. This is their land and their crop. They should have freedom of selling and earn money. This bill looks pro Farmers.

Situation of Farmers Never Changed in the past 70 years

It creates a hope of rooting out middlemen who gulp up major profits while a farmer gets peanuts. If implemented, it would help farmers to get fair share of its prices. I wonder why are they protesting ?. Friends this time be aware and please don’t allow these politicians who have wasted interest, to succeed. Friends we have to see to it that these wasted interest do not succeed. There is a need to stay firmly and solidly behind government on this issue.

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